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SYNTHO The Electronic Music Production Hub


Changing the way you learn to make music



SYNTHO Hub is an online electronic music learning platform for intermediate to advanced producers. With over 150+ hours of content it hosts an ever expanding display of bespoke tutorials, in-depth track breakdowns, full track constructions, guest workshops and more. The carefully curated learning platform offers everything aspiring producers need to take their music to the next level.

Ableton Beginners Course

After a lot of requests, I am proud to share with you this incredibly successful 6 week beginners course. The course is aimed for anyone who has never used Ableton before and wants to get involved with music production or anyone wanting to switch from another DAW. Kickstart your production journey and go from knowing nothing about production to making full tunes in no time. 

Your courses have done wonders for me. It has made music easier and much more enjoyable knowing I have the proper tools to guide me. Thanks for all your knowledge, I couldn't have had the releases I have without you.


We have been part of SYNTHO for a couple of years now. In that time we have gone from very little knowledge of Ableton and music production to now releasing music on some great labels. Josh really does take time to break things down and make them simple to understand.


It was a massive struggle for me to learn about music production but the Ableton Beginners Course has really helped. I usually find it hard learning new skills but you have made it easy for me to understand and explained everything in great detail.


When I joined SYNTHO I had almost zero knowledge on how to make music. In no time, I was able to comfortably sit down on my own and make a track from start to finish, using the many tips and techniques were explained to me, in a language that anyone could understand.


22 Things I Wish I Knew Sooner:

Free Ebook

As a DJ and Music Producer who has been in the game for over 8 years, I have gained a lot of knowledge that I want to share with those wanting to start a career in the music industry. I have created a free ebook with 22 things that I wish I knew sooner.

For me, learning took a long time as I didn’t have any guidance, but I can save producers years as I share the hidden secrets and killer techniques to speed up the process and get people making great sounding tracks in no time at all.

Take a leap into your music production journey…