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My name is Josh Baker, I am a 27 year old DJ and music producer. My journey began 8 years ago when I stumbled upon a pair of decks and I caught the bug for beats immediately. During this time, I was motivated and determined to make music my life. I struggled and grafted for years to learn my way around Ableton and how to produce music like many… 

After 8 years, I have now released on elite labels such as PIV, LOCUS and Sukhumvit to name a few and my tracks have been played by the likes of Jamie Jones, Apollonia, Richy Ahmed and Enzo Siragusa. You can see some of my releases below. 

One of my most notable achievements is launching SYNTHO. The idea of the platform is to condense everything I have learnt over the last 8 years on this journey and provide the service that I wish I had..

For me, learning took a long time as I didn’t have any guidance, but with the hub I can save producers years as I share the hidden secrets and killer techniques to speed up the process and get people making great sounding tracks in no time at all.

As well as a SYNTHO I also own a party called You&Me and a festival called Hide & Seek. See more below.