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SYNTHO Presents

Amplify Your Audience

SYNTHO’s Amplify Your Audience is a 4 module course developed to help you learn how to market yourself online with integrity.

The course is aimed for any person, business or brand who wants to improve their online presence and increase engagement. We will take you step by step through ways that you can use social media to grow your brand and market yourself online. This course is not for anyone who is after a quick hit of success or who doesn’t want to step out of their comfort zone. 

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Module 1 – Introduction & Maximising Instagrams Potential


Module 3 – Paid Advertising & Analytics


Module 2 – Optimising Video Content & Covering More Social Media Platforms


Module 4 – Email Marketing & Overall Productivity Workflow

This course is great and has some amazing tips! I am only on module 2 and can already tell I am going to take away so much from this. I cannot wait to finish the course.


I have really enjoyed this course, I posted my first reel after the first module and am definitely going to use them more regularly to document my production journey. Thanks so much for all your knowledge Josh!


This course has done me wonders! I cannot believe how much I have taken away from it. I cant wait to implement all the information you have shared into my own platform. Thanks Josh.


I joined this course because I had no clue about social media or how to market myself online. Josh has taught me so much from this course and made me feel a lot more confident with posting online.