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SYNTHO is an online electronic music learning platform, changing the way you learn to make music. Along with extensive technical knowledge you will also master what it takes to become an established artist, whether it be through sending out tracks to labels or preparing your music for mastering. With 150+ hours of content inside the hub, you can make your way through a 360 array of topics including; writing catchy bass lines, fine tuning arrangements, how to mix down your tracks and much more.

You can expect new videos added weekly with a number of track breakdowns from myself and established artists such as Pach, Alexkid, David Gtronic, Jake Flory and many more.

You will also be invited to the members Discord which has a buzzing community where we share tracks, discuss everything around productivity and connect with like minded people.

Feel like you are going round in your production? Send us a ticket and request a video in the area you are struggling in. The hub is for any intermediate to advanced producers who that are ready to take a leap in their journey.

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Do you have an interest in expanding your Ableton knowledge?

SYNTHO Records

Learning with SYNTHO has allowed me to unlock my true potential as a producer and see the possibility for exponential growth in music production.


We have been a part of SYNTHO for a couple of years. In that time we have gone from very little knowledge of Ableton and music production to now releasing music on some great labels. Josh really does take time to break things down and make them simple to understand.


For ages I have struggled to learn music production but the course has made it so much better. I usually find it hard to learn new skills but Josh has made it so easy to understand and he explains everything in so much detail.


I joined SYNTHO with almost zero knowledge on how to make music. In no time, I was able to comfortably sit down on my own and make a track from start to finish, using the many tips and techniques that he explained to me, in a language that anyone could understand.